MontessoriTech Happy child using Stamp Game app


Real World First, Then Technology We at MontessoriTech are very committed to the Montessori method and to the critical role that manipulating physical materials plays in the development of the child's mind and understanding of the world. Once the student begins to abstract however, there are many ways that understanding can be furthered, including through the use of virtual materials.

Technology Can Complement Montessori At MontessoriTech we are aware of the prevalence, appeal, and potential benefit that modern technologies can have for students. We are developing applications for the iPad and curriculum that use technologies to enhance the transition from the concrete to the abstract. Our applications will be familiar to those in a Montessori environment and will provide another, very appealing, means of using materials with greater abstraction.

All Students Can Benefit From Our Apps Our applications are also very accessible, interesting, and relevant to those not in a Montessori environment. In fact, one of our goals is to make Montessori materials available to a larger audience. An audience that may have access to iPads and could benefit greatly from Montessori materials, but not have them physically. We bring them to all students through technology!

We Make Educational Tools, Not Games We are developing apps for the iPad that virtualize the Montessori materials with the intent of keeping to the pedagogy, design, logic, simplicity, and beauty of the physical materials. Our apps are meant to be used in a classroom or teaching setting for giving lessons on and practicing the concepts addressed. Students can enjoy working with these virtual materials independently or with direct adult involvement.