Review: Hands-on Equations

We come across a lot of materials that we think are great additions to our line-up of apps. A great material for teaching algebra, in a very Montessori way, is now available on the iPad!

Hands-on-Equations ( is a program with manipulative materials to teach algebra in a fun, visual and kinesthetic way. The company has many videos and webinars available to learn how to use their physical material.

They have now also made their technique available on the iPad. These apps can be used to supplement or reinforce work with the materials, or can be used independent of the physical materials. Hands-on-Equations for the iPad

[They do have Lite version available for free to first check out their app: ]

We have used the physical material of the Hands-on-Equations program and the iPad app with children in a Lower and Upper Elementary classes and found it to be a wonderful program. The use of visual, manipulative materials fits perfectly into the Montessori philosophy of teaching with concrete materials and gradually moving to abstract. It makes the fun puzzle of algebra accessible to younger students. Introducing algebra can bring newfound enthusiasm to children and give them a reason for learning math facts and an opportunity to think in new and fun ways.

The Hands-on-Equations iPad apps provide video lessons that children can learn from directly. Then it provides leveled lessons to reinforce each concept for the children and have them move incrementally from one concept to the next. It moves well, reviewing and reinforcing at each level and building understanding and confidence.

Check it out!

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