Place Value and Stamp Game Review

This summer I had the pleasure to connect with Diana Zegers, owner and administrator of Central Kitsap Montessori in Bremerton, WA.  I asked Diana if she would review two of our apps. Here is what she sent us:

Place Value app

Montessori Tech again comes through with a quality App!   This Place Value App is a great activity for children aged 4 – 6.  Montessori and non-Montessori children can benefit from practicing to create 4 digit numbers.  The graphics are perfect and relate exactly to the material that is found in Montessori classrooms all over the world.

I love how the recordings are a child’s voice.

There is good ‘control of error’ in this app.  The 10’s cards don’t fit into the 1’s place or the 100’s place, etc.   There are no bells and whistles, commonly found in non-Montessori apps, when the child is correct.  Just a simple checkmark – perfect!  The checkmark is just information, not big kudos!

There is also a great option for choosing numbers that have a zero in them (i.e. 1045).

All children should experience this concrete way of making ‘number’.  This activity would benefit them so much as they move to higher levels of math.  A developmental MUST.

Stamp Game app

As a ‘seasoned’ Montessorian, I was curious!  I tried this app with both my Montessori g’children and my non-Montessori g’children.   All of them loved Montessori Tech’s Stamp Game app.  It was easy and fun to carry and borrow.   I love how the changes (10 – 10’s  –> 100, etc) take place.  It happens slow enough so that the child can see what happens.  It doesn’t look like ‘magic’.  This app can help lead a child to a real understanding of trading.

All 3 children loved that you could create your own equations.

How great that children can now practice addition and subtraction in this way at home!  This app provides the same quality of material that you would find in a Montessori school.  For those children that are heading toward abstraction, it gives opportunity to add and subtract with the important visuals but without the (sometimes) cumbersome movement of real objects which, of course, was Dr Montessori’s original plan and point for the Stamp Game.

Excellent App all the way around!

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