Thrilling Response from a Dutch Customer

We have been thrilled to communicate with one of our customers in Holland. She is enjoying all the things we intentionally built into the Stamp Game and Place Value app and we have loved her comments. She is using the apps in her Montessori classroom as another version of the actual material after students are given lessons with the Montessori physical materials. Instead of taking the box off the shelf now, the children use it on her iPad.

Irma specifically commented on how:

- the MontessoriTech apps work just like the materials, only use the technology to enhance the original experience
- the experience is enhanced within the Montessori context, without any extras to distract the children from the learning
- for some children, the real wooden stamps are too fidgety, our iPad version lets these children still benefit from the intent of the material without the fiddly stamps
- having a green check mark to indicate when they have completed the problem correctly is perfect. Students do not need celebration for them. The satisfaction of having done the work well is the reward.

She is also using the Place Value with older children who, in Holland, are learning English as a second language. While they know the math portion of the lesson, the valuable part for them is in practicing their numbers in English. They love it and see it as a game. It is very confirming to hear her experience our exact intention when creating the apps. Children engaged in the work, don’t need the extra flashiness.

We would like to thank Irma for contacting us, it was a pleasure to have an opportunity to talk extensively with one of our customers.