Stamp Game App is Completely Intuitive for a Montessorian . . .

It has been interesting to show Stamp Game to children and adults who have been in a Montessori environment, and to those who haven’t. For those who know the physical “Stamp Game” the app is completely intuitive and essentially requires no explanation to operate. For those who don’t know the material, we will provide help and links to explanations, but still hope that it will be clear. The material is so beautiful and wonderfully bridges the concrete to the abstract for addition and subtraction. Our hope is that it will bring a greater understanding of math operations to non-Montessori populations also!

Testing Stamp Game under iPad 4.2

We’ve decided to delay our launch to check the Stamp Game app against the iPad 4.2 operating system, which should be coming to all iPads in the next month or two. If everything checks out we’ll be ready to go on all iPads when the upgrades hit the field. See you soon!

First app coming

Our in-house developer is putting the finishing touches on our first app! After doing user testing with many students and teachers, we have added and refined some features and it is really looking great and working smoothly. We will be getting this app to you soon!