Place Value and Stamp Game Review

This summer I had the pleasure to connect with Diana Zegers, owner and administrator of Central Kitsap Montessori in Bremerton, WA.  I asked Diana if she would review two of our apps. Here is what she sent us:

Place Value app

Montessori Tech again comes through with a quality App!   This Place Value App is a great activity for children aged 4 – 6.  Montessori and non-Montessori children can benefit from practicing to create 4 digit numbers.  The graphics are perfect and relate exactly to the material that is found in Montessori classrooms all over the world.

I love how the recordings are a child’s voice.

There is good ‘control of error’ in this app.  The 10’s cards don’t fit into the 1’s place or the 100’s place, etc.   There are no bells and whistles, commonly found in non-Montessori apps, when the child is correct.  Just a simple checkmark – perfect!  The checkmark is just information, not big kudos!

There is also a great option for choosing numbers that have a zero in them (i.e. 1045).

All children should experience this concrete way of making ‘number’.  This activity would benefit them so much as they move to higher levels of math.  A developmental MUST.

Stamp Game app

As a ‘seasoned’ Montessorian, I was curious!  I tried this app with both my Montessori g’children and my non-Montessori g’children.   All of them loved Montessori Tech’s Stamp Game app.  It was easy and fun to carry and borrow.   I love how the changes (10 – 10’s  –> 100, etc) take place.  It happens slow enough so that the child can see what happens.  It doesn’t look like ‘magic’.  This app can help lead a child to a real understanding of trading.

All 3 children loved that you could create your own equations.

How great that children can now practice addition and subtraction in this way at home!  This app provides the same quality of material that you would find in a Montessori school.  For those children that are heading toward abstraction, it gives opportunity to add and subtract with the important visuals but without the (sometimes) cumbersome movement of real objects which, of course, was Dr Montessori’s original plan and point for the Stamp Game.

Excellent App all the way around!

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Review: Hands-on Equations

We come across a lot of materials that we think are great additions to our line-up of apps. A great material for teaching algebra, in a very Montessori way, is now available on the iPad!

Hands-on-Equations ( is a program with manipulative materials to teach algebra in a fun, visual and kinesthetic way. The company has many videos and webinars available to learn how to use their physical material.

They have now also made their technique available on the iPad. These apps can be used to supplement or reinforce work with the materials, or can be used independent of the physical materials. Hands-on-Equations for the iPad

[They do have Lite version available for free to first check out their app: ]

We have used the physical material of the Hands-on-Equations program and the iPad app with children in a Lower and Upper Elementary classes and found it to be a wonderful program. The use of visual, manipulative materials fits perfectly into the Montessori philosophy of teaching with concrete materials and gradually moving to abstract. It makes the fun puzzle of algebra accessible to younger students. Introducing algebra can bring newfound enthusiasm to children and give them a reason for learning math facts and an opportunity to think in new and fun ways.

The Hands-on-Equations iPad apps provide video lessons that children can learn from directly. Then it provides leveled lessons to reinforce each concept for the children and have them move incrementally from one concept to the next. It moves well, reviewing and reinforcing at each level and building understanding and confidence.

Check it out!

Visit our recommended page for more apps and ebooks:

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Place Value is now localized to Spanish.

Spanish and English speakers can now use Place Value to practice numbers in Spanish!!

The latest upgrade to Place Value is localized to Spanish.

To set your iPads to use this functionality:
1) Select “Settings” (icon is gray with gears in it).
2) It will open to “General Settings”. Scroll down and select “International”.
3) Touch “Language” and choose “Espanol”.
The iPad will reboot itself after selecting a language.

If you don’t know much Spanish, remember where these choices are, as you will have to reverse this reading the Spanish choices to go back to English!
Enjoy Place Value in Spanish!!!  Let us know what you think.

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New Look

We’ve renovated our old website to be more complete and iPad-friendly. You can now see all our apps and get recommendations on books, websites, and apps. There is much more to come, so stay tuned. Let us know what you think.

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Thrilling Response from a Dutch Customer

We have been thrilled to communicate with one of our customers in Holland. She is enjoying all the things we intentionally built into the Stamp Game and Place Value app and we have loved her comments. She is using the apps in her Montessori classroom as another version of the actual material after students are given lessons with the Montessori physical materials. Instead of taking the box off the shelf now, the children use it on her iPad.

Irma specifically commented on how:

- the MontessoriTech apps work just like the materials, only use the technology to enhance the original experience
- the experience is enhanced within the Montessori context, without any extras to distract the children from the learning
- for some children, the real wooden stamps are too fidgety, our iPad version lets these children still benefit from the intent of the material without the fiddly stamps
- having a green check mark to indicate when they have completed the problem correctly is perfect. Students do not need celebration for them. The satisfaction of having done the work well is the reward.

She is also using the Place Value with older children who, in Holland, are learning English as a second language. While they know the math portion of the lesson, the valuable part for them is in practicing their numbers in English. They love it and see it as a game. It is very confirming to hear her experience our exact intention when creating the apps. Children engaged in the work, don’t need the extra flashiness.

We would like to thank Irma for contacting us, it was a pleasure to have an opportunity to talk extensively with one of our customers.

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The Large iPad screen vs. the iTouch/iPhone screen

We have been interested in the feedback from customers who love our apps on the iPad and want them for the iPod touch and iPhone. It is an idea we are looking into for upcoming MontessoriTech apps.

Our apps “Stamp Game” and “Place Value” need the larger working area of the iPad, and we feel the usefulness would be significantly compromised on the smaller screen.

Experiencing the full layout of the original Montessori materials is an important part of the learning process.  The tablet screen size is a perfect match to the original material.

Share your thoughts.

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