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Skip counting by 2s
Great multiplication practice!
Montessori Bead Skip Counting

Multiplication is the method of adding the same number over and over.

Students develop the mental concept of increasing quantity as they drag and connect the bead bars from the virtual wooden box. The design is a new incarnation of a classic Montessori math material, the "short chains" and "long chains". It uses the Montessori colored bead chains to show the relationship of number multiples in a chain/number line format.

The student creates the chain of beads to their preferred length and then matches the labels for each increasing quantity. Or, the child could use the keypad to enter his own number. Many children then enjoy building on their success by adding more beads to the chain and continuing the work. As with all MT apps, this adapts the Montessori materials to a creative use on this virtual world of the iPad.

The MT Skip Counting app aides in creating a foundation of understanding skip counting, adding, multiplying, and leaning and practicing the Montessori colored bead bars and their quantities. The app was developed so more students have the opportunity to enrich their math skills using a stimulating and calming activity of counting the same number repeatedly.

Doctor Montessori developed the colored bead bars so students can associate quantities with colors The bead bars spark an interest. For example, she chose the color gold to represent 10 to demonstrate an important visual value. Physical gold, during her time, was an important commodity. It represented an important value, as does the number 10 in the decimal system.

This app, like all MT apps, is designed not as a game, but as a virtual educational material. Skip Counting is a fun visual work to create a mental picture of skip counting for all students.

Screen Shots

Skip Counting 10-chain with some values missing screenshot
Unfinished 10-chain
Skip Counting 5-chain complete screenshot
Finished 5-chain
Skip Counting help screenshot