MontessoriTech Place Value

The place value is where the digit is in the number.

Students learn and practice the decimal place value system by reading and/or listening to a soft voice (English, Spanish) and with a drag of their finger move the color-coded numbers to the place value boxes. The app is an extension of the Montessori decimal system work. The app is designed to help students learn and practice place values through association of colors and width. It can also help reinforce reading skills for both manuscript and cursive.

Students drag the number cards either in a vertical or horizontal orientation. The different orientations teach the child that computations can be done horizontally or vertically. MT Place Value app opens a venue for all students to learn and experience the wonderment of Montessori ideas.

Doctor Montessori believed in exciting the senses. Many people who come in contact with Montessori as an adult wish they were taught math the way Montessori students are taught. Technology now has allowed her wonderful ideas to evolve and extend beyond the classroom walls.

Place Value version 1.3 has a Spanish version, for iPads set to the Spanish locale.

Screen Shots

Place Value Vertical Problem screenshot
Place Value vertical
Place Value check mark
Solved problem
Spanish (Espanol) version
Spanish version
Place Value Horizontal step 2
Place Value horizontal
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