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Two complete "root" words make one word.

Montessori Compound Words makes matching root words to make compound words fun and challenging! Using a chain/step puzzle format, students (and adults!) enjoy making compound words to unlock the beautiful, original photos of real objects matching the words. The Compound Word is a new adaption to the Compound Word Study material that many Montessori students have used in their elementary classroom.

- Students will have fun building their reading skills, creating compound words, and connecting words to pictures that give meaning to the words.

- Students will be excited to learn or practice creating compound words with this app!

The app, like the Montessori Word Study Material, builds the student's analytical skills as well. If the puzzle is not completed correctly students need to analyze their matches and figure out the correct matches. The fun part is getting the matches correct for the associated pictures to appear.

Who doesn't like pictures? Well, we composed realistic pictures for students to match with familiar objects and sites for the compound words.

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New Word Set
New Word Set
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